Jan 21, 2013

Syringe Phobia

Syringe phobia  refers to an extreme and irrational fear of the medical procedures that involve the use of syringes or needles.  The level of  syringe fear varies from person to person; but because of this fear, some people even have difficulty visiting a dentist or having their blood drawn in a laboratory.

Many syringe phobia clients  think irrationally about the needle and syringe experiences.  They have an excessive fear and negative anticipation of the administration of the syringe.

When my clients are able to reverse their irrational thinking about the syringe and needle procedures, to rational and realistic thinking, they start controlling their fear of the syringe.  I often use cognitive therapy techniques to help them reverse their thought processes.

I also use guided imagery techniques and relaxation techniques.  When a client mentally rehearses the syringe/needle-required medical procedures  in the therapy room, they start gaining control over their fear.  When they administer the new way of dealing with their phobia in real life, they are usually  very successful even at the first trial.  They usually get a successful outcome in 3-4 sessions.



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Dr. Coyle is a clinical psychologist whose emphasis is health psychology. She specializes in Mind-Body medicine techniques. She has a broad range of experience in psychotherapy having practiced in Eastern Europe as well as in the United States. She provides therapies to individuals, and couples and families, by using mind-body approach and other techniques.