Jul 27, 2011

What my clients say about my therapy approach

What my  clients say about solving with me their emotional crises:

-I get their problems very fast and lay out resolution plans that work

-I do not just talk, but give them  tools to help solve their problems

-I empower their self confidence

-I teach them how to relax, mindfully and consciously

– they are happy reaching their therapy goals  in a short time

-They not only see changes in their lives, but their loved ones and friends see the positive changes in them, too

-I know what I am doing to achieve excellent outcomes

-This is not talk therapy. This is real therapy.

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Dr. Coyle is a clinical psychologist whose emphasis is health psychology. She specializes in Mind-Body medicine techniques. She has a broad range of experience in psychotherapy having practiced in Eastern Europe as well as in the United States. She provides therapies to individuals, and couples and families, by using mind-body approach and other techniques.