Mar 6, 2011

Uncertainity of the diagnosis causes anxiety and stress

“ScienceDaily (Nov. 30, 2010) — Have you ever felt uneasy sitting in a doctor’s waiting room or climbed the walls waiting for your test results? That feeling of anxious uncertainty can be more stressful than knowing you have a serious illness, according to a study presented November 29 at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

I absolutely agree that uncertainity can cause high anxiety in our lives, especially if  this uncertainty has to do with our health related issues.   Our rational mind eventually kicks in when we know that we have some problem.  We start thinking of a solution.  We try to control the situation,  but if we don’t know what is the problem, that itself is an uncontrollable situation and creates high anxiety.  Therefore, it is  logical to think that uncertainity of the diagnosis can cause  high anxiety and stress.

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Dr. Coyle is a clinical psychologist whose emphasis is health psychology. She specializes in Mind-Body medicine techniques. She has a broad range of experience in psychotherapy having practiced in Eastern Europe as well as in the United States. She provides therapies to individuals, and couples and families, by using mind-body approach and other techniques.